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This is the Bondix Wiki, our ever-growing knowledge base. Here, we collect all things Bondix and (former) Bondix S.A.NE. We offer handy quick-start information but also in-depth how-tos for installation, debugging, and general understanding, as well as pretty-looking and informative marketing material.

Feel free to roam around and take all the wisdom you need to bring your Bondix knowledge and understanding to the next level.

Get Started

This section helps you get your Bondix system up and running in no time.

  1. Download the latest release versions
    Download the latest Bondix software suitable for your device and see changelogs and release notes. Download & installation are free-of-charge for all of our software.
  2. Bondix Client Installation
    Install Bondix on your Teltonika device.
  3. Bondix Server Installation
    Install and configure your Bondix server.

⚠️ If you need technical assistance, please contact!


In our manuals, you can find more detailed information on different settings and values that can cater to special circumstances, environments, and needs. They were last updated June 2023, so screenshots may vary from the version you can download today. The overall system is the same.

General Information

This section gives you information on what Bondix is and how it works. Also, it's where we collect FAQs and especially their answers.

Deep-dive Topics

In this section, you'll find specialized knowledge that is very technical and/or serves as a how-to for special use cases.

Client and Server



Marketing Material

Here, you can find all marketing material we have to share in one place.

Basic Product Info


Product images





File:Bondix-webinar-dec2022-web2.pdf --> YouTube - Paving New Bonding Possibilities in IIoT