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Starlink can easily be integrated into Bondix S.A.NE, which many of our our customers already do. However, it always needs to be combined with mobile communications because of the following downsides:

  • High energy consumption
The antenna draws an average of 130 to 150 Watts which makes mobile operation based on battery difficult.
For comparison: A Teltonika router draws around 15 to 20 Watts with 2 active modems.
  • Line of sight required
As is usual with SAT systems, a clear view of the sky must be guaranteed at the antenna location. This can be problematic in industrial plants with many nooks and crannies, especially in your tank farms. If may be necessary that the antenna must be placed far away from your RDU for which very long network cables may have to be installed. This, in turn, can result in lower throughput.
  • Monthly fixed costs
The monthly fixed costs for such a system (Starlink Business) are around € 214,00 per month for 1 TB, plus a one-off cost for the hardware of around € 600,00 per set.