Server Capacity

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Guidelines on calculating Bondix S.A.NE Server capacity

For simplicity, we'll look at an example that calculates with 10 Mbps 24/7 and a 1 Gbps uplink without congestion.

Clock speed

10 active Tunnels require 1GHZ CPU clock speed (x86 Intel Xeon or AMD Epic 2nd gen processors) which means 100 users/10 tunnels require 10 GHZ CPU clock speed.

So if your server has cores with CPU clock speeds of 2 GHZ per core, each of the cores could handle 20 tunnels/devices and you would need at least 5 cores to handle 100 tunnels + 1 additional core for the server itself.


Bondix S.A.NE needs 200 MB of RAM per environment on the S.A.NE server, so if you distribute your tunnels between 4 environments on the server (25 per environment), the server will use 800 MB of RAM for the environments and another 200 MB for general server functions.

So the total here is at least 1 GB.

RAM for Bonding

To be able to bond, Bondix S.A.NE needs 50 MB per tunnel. So in this example, 100 tunnels will require 5 GB of RAM on the server.

This means in effect:

To terminate 100 tunnels with an average load of 10 Mbps per tunnel 24/7, we need
- 6 cores of at least 2 GHZ Clock speed per core
- 6 GB of RAM
- 1 Gbps Server uplink

If your customers only need 5 Mbps or less, the same server will be able to terminate around 200 tunnels if RAM is increased to 12 GB since we need 50 MB per tunnel on the server side.