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Bondix Software Downloads

This page provides download links for Bondix software compatible with various devices and firmware versions. Select the appropriate file based on your device model and firmware version.

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Please review these documents carefully prior to downloading.

Current Version:


Teltonika Routers

Device Model Download



Device Model(s) Download Link
ICR-2834/ICR-2734/ICR-2431/ICR-2531 Advantech v2i
SmartStart/SmartFlex/SmartMotion/ICR-3231 Advantech v3
ICR-4401/ICR-4434/ICR-4453 Advantech v4


Download and execute this script on your server.

Proceed to Installing a Bondix Server.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could arise in very specific situations when writing data to a socket
  • Add environment & Uptime in statistics/SNMP
  • Fixed an issue where certificate based tunnels were not removed despite set-tunnel-autoremove being configured, when the initial tunnel handshake never completed
  • add tunnel name as parameter when calling tunnel-tapconnect/tunnel-tapdisconnect
  • In some place an argument would be passed to OpenSSL without checking whether the argument is valid, potentially resulting in a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where traffic would no longer pass through the tunnel after the last remaining channel disconnected and reconnected without triggering a tunnel reset.
  • Fixed an issue on Teltonika where DSCP values in the QoS editor would not be saved.
  • On Teltonika, the client will now automatically restart after 5 minutes of tunnel downtime. The behavior of the underlying “set-restart-on-failure" configuration command has been fixed.
  • Added metrics for connection attempts and active BondingProxy connections. The number of active proxy connections can now be observed in the monitor.
  • Added support for Teltonika RutOS 07.06.6.

Release Notes