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Presets provide different configuration options for a tunnel and its used interfaces.

Presets are stored in "presets.json" on both client and server installations. Some presets are not directly accessible in router packages, as some of them are redundant and only kept for compatibility.

Tunnel Presets

Preset Name Friendly Name Description
bonding (Default) Bonding The default bonding strategy. Uses least amount of interfaces if possible, ranging from best to worst.
bondingDistribute Bonding with enforced distribution Bonding with enforced distribution. This mode can increase latency jitter and degrade performance in situations where an excellent line (e.g., fiber) is mixed with a mediocre to bad line (e.g., bad 4G).
duplication Packet Duplication Attempts to send each data fragment twice using different interfaces. Packet duplication is not guaranteed (e.g. if only one WAN interface is available)
duplication2 Packet Duplication 2X Like packet duplication, but each data fragment is used over up to three interfaces.
failover Seamless failover Seamless or smart failover only uses one interface at a time. If the primary interface goes down, a secondary interface will be used without interrupting any connections.
loadbalancer Load Balancing Mode Experimental Load Balancing mode. Not recommended.

Channel Presets

Preset Name Friendly Name Description
mobileAggressive Optimize for Speed This default preset is a general-purpose configuration suitable for most lines (4G, DSL, etc), with a fair tolerance for packet loss and latency.
ethernet Default Ethernet A preset for direct ethernet connections, very sensitive to latency and packet loss.
genericTCP TCP Mode Utilizes TCP instead of UDP. Higher throughput rate at the cost of latency. Useful in scenarios where UDP is throttled or blocked.
lowLatency Low Latency Similar to ethernet preset, but with higher tolerance for packet loss
mobile Mobile A general purpose preset for mobile connections favouring latency
mobileLowLatency Optimize for Latency Another preset for mobile connections with an even higher focus on latency