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Status information

In the Status Information, you can quickly see all facts to your Bondix S.A.NE Client, regarding your overall bonding as well as your individual channels.

Value Description
Tunnel Shows the name of your tunnel.
Status Tells you whether your Bondix S.A.NE Client is connected at all.
Connected Channels Gives you the number of WAN links currently active.
Client IP Shows IP/DNS addresses.
Current Endpoint Shows Bondix S.A.NE server’s IP/port.
Total Traffic Shows total upload/download traffic.
Build Version Shows which Bondix S.A.NE Client build you have installed.

Channel Information

The Channel Information shows you which of your WAN links are available, connected and active, or faulty:

Value Description
Name Shows the name you assigned to the specific WAN link.
Status Tells you whether the WAN link is connected, disables, or faulty.
Latency Shows the WAN link’s current latency.
RX Shows incoming traffic.
TX Shows outgoing traffic.
Last Error Displays the error message of a faulty WAN link.