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Bondix S.A.NE Clients are downward compatible, meaning newer builds can be operated with older server versions and still function well. In order to fully benefit from all new features to their full extend though, we recommend you update your Bondix S.A.NE server to the latest version. Please find more information on how to do that at the end of this document.


Support for Teltonika RUTOS 7.x firmware

With this release, we officially support Teltonika’s RUTOS 7 with improved features and support for more devices: RUT95x and RUT24x. The realtime traffic monitor has been embedded in the web interface. Please note that it currently does not work with RMS or “https://” connections.

Layer-2 Tunneling Support (BETA)

It is now possible to set up a layer-2 tunnel directly with S.A.NE. In this first iteration, a virtual interface is created on both client and server for each tunnel–packets coming in on one end will come out the other and vice versa. This is an advanced feature; further configuration must be done server-side depending on the usage scenario.

Configurable Maximum Bandwidth per Interface

This release allows specifying a maximum bandwidth limit per interface. This prevents the automatic bandwidth detection to over-estimate a WAN uplink, which can sometimes cause latency jitter and packet loss. Configuring maximum bandwidth helps in situations where stable latency is required, such as live-streaming.

Automatic Tunnel Reversion

When using a secondary server as backup, it can now be configured to ping the primary server in regular intervals and revert any connected tunnels back to the primary server if it becomes available again. This ensures that all tunnels are always connected to the primary server.



  • Client behaves better when client package buffer is exceeded.


  • Information provided by bndutil/bxutil/API is extended.


  • Environment & tunnel configuration are reloaded on SIGNUP.



  • Only parsing first bonding proxy control message when multiple messages were received has been fixed.
  • Time measurement in certain situations that could affect bandwidth detection is now accurate.
  • Bandwidth detection now increases bandwidth if interface is always busy.
  • “Latency throttle” now works.


  • Race condition when a tunnel gets deleted while connect is in progress has been fixed.

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September 2022