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Bondix S.A.NE Clients are downward compatible, meaning newer builds can be operated with older server versions and still function well. In order to fully benefit from all new features to their full extend though, we recommend you update your Bondix S.A.NE server to the latest version. Please find more information on how to do that at the end of this document.

You can find and download the correct Bondix S.A.NE for your device here: Bondix S.A.NE Releases.


New Preset "Bonding (Encrypted)" (BETA)

In general, Bondix S.A.NE doesn't encrypt bonded tunnels. Lately, we've encountered customer projects for which a lack of encryption is a showstopper, so we've implemented a new feature preset "Bonding (Encrypted)": If enabled, it activates a Wireguard-based encryption for S.A.NE tunnels. This means that all traffic between client and server is fully encrypted and the S.A.NE Server also acts as a VPN endpoint.

Please note: Activating this new preset reduces the maximum throughput from 180 Mbps to 80 Mbps due to higher CPU load! You should only select this preset if a fully encrypted tunnel is essential or mandatory for your connectivity project.

Please also note: This preset requires the latest S.A.NE Server build!

20% Higher Throughput

While the maximum throughput of our Enterprise bonding licenses on the most powerful Teltonika router models can go up to 200 Mbps (e.g. RUTX50), the average throughput was set to 150 Mbps due to memory limitations on the RUTX platform. With this latest firmware release, we've been able to raise that limit to 180 Mbps, equaling a performance increase of 20%.



  • General stability was improved due to the addition of an internal process watchdog.
  • A debug message that could impede the overall performance when using layer-2 mode was removed.


  • Server tunnel presets now match the tunnel presets on the client.


Server – Important Security Update!

  • An issue has been identified that would allow an attacker to render the web interface unusable by sending a specifically crafted request until the service was restarted. If web interface access is disabled (by e.g. having a secondary management web interface listener), the issue does not occur. To update your S.A.NE Server, please download the latest build from Bondix S.A.NE Server and install it according to the instructions here.



  • We've noticed that on firmware versions 7.02.1 and up, a problem could occur on SIM dial-up under certain circumstances. Since this problem doesn't occur in earlier firmware versions up to 7.01.2, we now provide a new S.A.NE Client build.

Download release notes as PDF

November 2022