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Bondix S.A.NE Clients are downward compatible, meaning newer builds can be operated with older server versions and still function well. In order to fully benefit from all new features to their full extend though, we recommend you update your Bondix S.A.NE server to the latest version. Please find more information on how to do that at the end of this document. You can find and download the correct Bondix S.A.NE for your device here: Bondix S.A.NE Releases.


TCP Transport Mode

With this October release, TCP transport mode is now available and can be enabled client-side by selecting the appropriate channel preset. It utilizes (unencrypted) TCP instead of UDP for data transport. The TCP Transport Mode may improve performance with high-bandwidth links, at the cost of increased latency.

Determent of Search Engines

Search engines can be very nosy and thus can pose a security risk. To prevent indexing by search engines, a “robots.txt” and meta tags have been added as standard to your Bondix S.A.NE Client and/or Server.

DNS Record Alternatives

To increase the accessibility and reliability of your Bondix S.A.NE setups, you can now use multiple IPs for alternative servers in your server DNS records. This ensures your infrastructure to be accessible even if one or more of your servers fail or are attacked.



  • Client now supports Teltonika Firmware Release 07.02.7.



  • An issue where packets were not sent under certain conditions has been fixed. It would cause packets not to be sent but be marked as such, resulting in self-inflicted packet loss.

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October 2022