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Bondix S.A.NE Clients are downward compatible, meaning newer Client builds and/or Server versions may be operated with each other and still function well, but in order to fully benefit from all new features to their full extend though, we recommend you update your Bondix S.A.NE server to the latest version. Please find more information on how to do that in our Bondix S.A.NE Server Manual.

You can find and download the latest Bondix S.A.NE for your device here: Bondix S.A.NE Releases.


Transparent Bonding Proxy (BETA)

The Transparent Bonding Proxy feature allows our bonding proxy to use the original client's source IP when proxying a connection. This requires additional setup and must be explicitly enabled; also, it’s expressly a BETA feature. You can find information on how to do that in our Bondix Knowledge Base Wiki.

Teltonika FW 07.04.3 Support

We now fully support Teltonika Network’s 07.04.3 firmware. If you intend on switching to this Teltonika firmware release directly from a major earlier version (07.0X.X), we recommend you reset your router before updating to this Bondix Release Version in order to ensure you achieve the bandwidths you’re used to. In this case, don’t forget to backup your settings.



  • Web Interface Update: In the Bondix S.A.NE server’s web interface, unsaved changes are now highlighted in red. This fixes certain situations in which changes were not immediately saved to disk.
  • SNMP MIB Overhaul: The SNMP MIB was updated to reflect current information that hasn’t been shown before.
  • Enhanced Installation: The Bondix S.A.NE server installation script now supports ARMx64 architecture.



  • An issue was fixed where "Proxy paused connection timeout" log messages could spam on the client if the tunnel was only barely connected, e.g. with only a single uplink that had bad reception or was severely throttled. Also, the overall amount of (debug) proxy log messages was reduced.
  • Client will no longer attempt to set a WAN interface to standby if the server does not support it. This could cause a tunnel session reset in the past.
  • An issue where the client would occasionally restart after being disabled in the web interface was fixed.
  • Client will no longer crash when it was connected to a backup server.
  • The DNS cache is now invalidated when a tunnel is fully disconnected.


  • An issue where tunnel routes on server shutdown were removed was fixed.
  • The use of “ip route” in server route scripts was fixed.
  • Tunnel names with trailing spaces are now handled properly–it should no longer be possible to create them in the server web interface.
  • bxsnmp is now reporting all tunnel channel information but will block until first tunnel info is received. Also, first snmp get/walk should no longer yield no results.

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May 2023