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Traffic Monitor

Clicking on the “Monitor” link in your Teltonika router’s Bondix S.A.NE menu will give you a graphical overview of the data traffic and the connection status of your tunnel’s connected WAN links:

Value Description
Queued Items Packets that have been received locally but haven’t been sent yet.
Packet Buffer Total amount of packets in cache.
Used Channel Number of active channels.
Value Description
TX Out Number of outgoing traffic packets.
TX Lost Number of lost outgoing traffic packets.
RX In Number of incoming traffic packets.
RX Lost Number of lost incoming traffic packets.
In Transit Packets that have been sent but not acknowledged yet.
Latency Latency in ms.
TX Loss % (sec) Measured outgoing packet loss over the last second.
TX Loss % (min) Measured outgoing packet loss over the last minute.
Capacity Number of packets that can be sent out through the channel.

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